JC Riccoboni
Founder & Principal Designer

JC has been designing for over 15 years and her passion is to make professional interior design accessible and enjoyable for everyone. JC makes it her first priority to find out what her client’s style sensibilities are and to then tailor her work toward achieving their goals. She is constantly inspired by her wide range of clients and their design challenges, and truly enjoys collaborating to come up with thoughtful, accessible, and personalized interiors. JC’s design sense is practical and creative; drawing from each end of the design spectrum so that her work is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. “I feel strongly about the importance of the right color scheme, layering textures, and making sure to maximize the functionality of each space. I’m also a big fan of instant gratification, and my clients really love that I can provide quick and easy solutions to many of their design dilemmas”. A mother of two and Silicon Valley native, JC knows how to create functional interiors for families while maintaining high style. 

JC is focused on ways to make each interior design project distinctive and unique. One of her passions is treasure hunting at flea markets and antique fairs, finding one-of-a-kind items to add a thoughtful touch to a room. As a fine artist, she loves to create custom artwork to compliment an interior space; a signature painting for her clients really makes the whole experience very special. Clients love working with JC because her warmth and openness create an environment where clients can be themselves, making it easy to provide the best possible design for their lives. 

Minh Tran Virasak
Director of Operations

Minh has always been the "behind the scenes" type of girl.  She thrives on ensuring that things are put in production as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  She can balance project and event management daily with her multiple roles. Whether it be managing the operations at RICCO STYLE, overseeing responsibilities with her career in higher education, or running her daily responsibilities as a mom of two, she'll figure out a way to manage each day seamlessly and with a smile.  

As a Bay Area native, she understands the complexity of life and schedules of RICCO STYLE clients, contractors, and vendors.  She hopes to utilize her background in project management and operations to ensure that each RICCO STYLE project is a efficient and enjoyable experience for all those involved.



My fiancé and I moved into our house recently, I bought most of my furniture but was at a stopping point where I couldn’t figure out how to decorate to bring the room together. I contacted JC based off her awesome reviews on Yelp, and I am SO glad I did. We got a lot done within 2 hours. She spent another 2 hours compiling a shopping list of every single thing that I needed to decorate the house with links to buy online or for inspiration. It ultimately saved me a lot of time, since I can walk into Home Goods knowing exactly what I need to buy and not having return a bunch of things. I’ve still been texting and emailing her questions and asking for her advice, and she responds promptly and doesn’t charge for that.

Thanks to JC I no longer feel stressed or overwhelmed, I’m super excited to decorate and complete my home. I definitely recommend JC to anyone needing a little help with designing their home; she is nice, thorough, and is willing to work with your budget & lifestyle.
— Emily A.
My mom moved from a 2000 square foot condo to a one-bedroom apartment in a senior community. JC and her associate Victoria were so delightful, easy and enjoyable to work with and super talented with interior design. They were very sensitive to what personal items were important to my mom and made sure to include those “ancestral” possessions in the decorating planning. We went shopping with them and the end result is my mom’s place looks fabulous and more importantly, mom feels like her apartment is truly her home.

Now JC is helping me with my own bedroom and guest room make over and so far, so good! She took my existing furniture, repositioned it in a new way, and it all looks amazing. It is amazing how having my home look better makes me feel better! If you are a person that has some sense of design but just needs that extra bit of advice and inspiration, call JC. If you have no sense of design, call JC! Either way, you will see results and have fun in the process!
— Betsy B.
JC helped my wife and I tremendously in re-arranging, organizing, and designing a livable and functional space. Some of the things that were recommended were things we would never consider, and turned out fantastic. Others we’d thought about but needed direction, and she helped us execute by providing product recommendations and expert guidance.

With her help, we recently sold our condo for well over asking price and I know that this would not have been the case without her services. Our place looked so good, it was basically already staged and ready to sell. In terms of return on investment, it’s amazing the kind of value we got and the responsiveness and professionalism that went into the process. I highly recommend getting in touch with JC for any size decorating/home organizing project.
— Andrew F.
I just have to say that you are truly an amazing talent. You put together the vision for this room so quickly and you basically nailed exactly what I have been trying to do all these years on my own. I’m not sure how you read my mind, but you did! Every time I walk into this room I can’t help but smile. It looks like a model home! Now I want you to come back and do all my rooms! Thanks again for everything. I am beyond thrilled with the results and would be more than happy to be a referral for you if you ever needed it.
— Liza R.
OW, WOW, WOW!!!! I’m speechless!! I’m sooo in LOVE with the plans and the pieces chosen, AMAZING!!! Where have you been...LOL. I could never thank you enough.. We greatly appreciate the extra time that you’ve put in to this project, as well.
— Kym D.
I’ve been telling all my friends about you and your amazing talents. I am so grateful to you for making our house into a home and for figuring what I needed (when I honestly didn’t know myself!). I was so overwhelmed and you managed to relive me of so much stress. Thank you again!
— Aine O.
Remodeling and Home Design