***RICCO STYLE is not currently taking clients. Our designer Victoria is now the Owner and Principal Designer at STYLE WISE Interior Design. Starting May 1st 2018, you’ll be able to receive the exact same services, quality care, design expertise, and love through STYLE WISE at***


RICCO STYLE Interior Design provides comprehensive interior design services tailored to your space; ranging from full remodels to color consultations and everything in between. Our services include but are not limited to space-planning, material & finish selection, color consultations, furniture and accessory selection, and custom art.  By cutting out pricey "full-service" parts of the design process like full-scale renderings, purchasing, and project management, we are able to offer our clients a more design-focused and cost-effective service. 

Who We Serve:
Our clients are people who desire a well-designed space but don't want the high cost of hiring a full-service interior design firm to complete the project.  Some of our clients may know what they want but don't have time to execute the design, while others hire us to create a vision and help bring it to life. The one thing all our clients have in common is they want a simple, stylish, and affordable way to create their dream home.

Our Process:
After you contact us, we will discuss your project and schedule our first working meeting. One of our designers will then come to your home for a working design planning session. Then, based on your style, timeline, and budget, we put together a comprehensive and clear design plan for you. Every design plan includes a shopping list, detailed notes, and specific recommendations for each room.  Direct links to each item are provided whenever possible. We also offer floor plans, mood boards, and color palettes to help you visualize the final design.

Cost of Services:
We bill at an hourly rate of $250.  Based on the size and scope of the project, our services start at about 1 hour and up. After the 1 hour minimum, we bill in 15-minute increments. 

  • Example Plan 1: $250+ -- "I JUST NEED SOME ADVICE"   One of our designers will come to your home helping you with your design dilemmas and questions within your desired time frame. You take the notes while the experts do the talking. 
  • Example Plan 2: $500+ -- "I DON"T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY DINING ROOM"    1 room that needs furniture and accessories will require about 1 hour of an in-home Design Planning Session and an additional 1 or more hours to create the Design Plan.  
  • Example Plan 3: $1500+ -- "I WANT TO REVAMP MY LIVING ROOM AND ALL OUR BEDROOMS"    Several rooms that need furnishings and accessories will require at least 3 hours of an in-home Design Planning Session and an additional 3 or more hours to create the Design Plan. 
  • Example Plan 4: $2000+ -- "I JUST MOVED IN AND I NEED DESIGN PLANS FOR ALL THE ROOMS IN THE HOUSE"     An entire home that needs furnishing and accessories requires at least 3-4 hours of an in-home Design Planning  Session and an additional 4 or more hours to create the Design Plan.

Other Options:
The above are general examples and every project is different. We pride ourselves on being able to offer great design for everyone, so our services are fully customizable. We'd love to help you with whatever your design needs are.   


1.  Do you provide free consultations?

No, we take care of all the initial information-gathering prior to the first meeting.  The designers will communicate with you on your project needs, timeline, vision, etc., via phone and/or email.  The first meeting is a working Design Planning Session during which your designer will begin the process for your project.  Every project is different; therefore it requires different deliverables.  Please check out the SERVICES page for more detailed information.

2. How are you different from a full service design firm?

We provide you with everything you need to complete your project.  The difference is, by cutting out selected services (i.e purchasing, project management, and detailed drawings), we are able to provide high design at a low cost.  We give the client control over execution of the project.  This can range anywhere from contacting vendors/contractors to managing purchases.  These are the types of services that are most time consuming and costly for clients when working with a full service firm.  

3. Do the designers have a specific style that they work with?

We are proficient in many styles and will not let our personal preferences influence your design.  Take a look at our portfolio to see the varying styles we have worked with.  

4. Who do you typically work with?

Our clients are nice, open-minded people of all backgrounds and design aesthetics. Most of our projects are residential, with a sprinkling of commercial here and there. 

5.  What does the typical design process with RICCO STYLE entail? 

  • Phone/email communication with RICCO STYLE to provide information regarding your project. 
  • On-site working Design Planning Session
  • Designer creates your custom design plan 
  • The client executes the Design Plan (purchase items, contact vendors/contractors, etc) at their own pace.  Designer will be on hand to answer any questions during this stage.
  • Enjoy your new space!

6. Do you offer To-The-Trade-Only services?

We do not utilize provide "Trade Only" products or services to our clients as we are not a full-service firm. 



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